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Chris is an award winning composer and pianist, with a passion for storytelling through music. He is represented by SMA Talent and is part of the BAFTA Crew 2018.

Chris’ music has been described as ‘brilliantly unnerving’, ‘poignant and ‘highly energetic’. Recent projects include the feature documentary
Spitfire, distributed by Alititude, Murder in Italy, a 4 part series for Sky/BBC Storyville, thriller feature Charismata, and an upcoming documentary for Pulse Films/BBC 2 about a revolutionary HIV drug.  On top of this, Chris has set himself the challenge of writing a new track each week as part of his #Friday50 project.

With a background as pianist and string player, as well as a summer spent exploring electronic music in Paris, Chris blends piano with orchestral textures and synths, working tirelessly to find a distinctive sound for each project. For example, his score for
Mission Control about NASA’s Apollo era  combined full orchestra with vintage synths, whereas for Murder in Italy’s tragic story, Chris used electronics to distort the beautiful voices of the Fieri Consort

Chris is active as an arranger and conductor, recently working on a campaign for
Cancer Research UK when he was asked to arrange Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with a third of the notes missing! He also founded and conducts ANIMA, an 8-piece ensemble performing live music with short films.

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+44 (0) 7766 522 637
+44 020 7307 5958
(Carolynne Wyper)