This piece was commissioned by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as part of their 'Rhapsody' Project, and is a response to Joy Gerrard’s awe-inspiring installation ‘Assembly 450’, currently exhibited in the main atrium of the hospital and available as an app from the iTunes store. It has also since been animated by Raquel Felgueiras for performance with my group ANIMA

Each of the super-reflective metal spheres in the artwork seemed to have an almost gravitational pull, drawing my attention from one wall to another, round the corner, then back again. Combined with the reflection of sunlight and different colours, a static collection of objects was transformed into an energetic, kaleidoscopic scene where I could imagine the random clusters of spheres flying off the walls and colliding into each other.

‘Collidosphere’ is a musical response to this energetic movement in the artwork, with a fast beat, flyaway gestures and ‘metallic’ notes bouncing from left to right between the two instrumental groups. The longer notes from the strings and the saxophone link the more volatile notes flying around them in the same way as the metal rods in Joy Gerrard’s work. The piece is best heard on headphones to get the full stereo effect.

Flute, Saxophone, Percussion, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, 'Cello
Commissioned by
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Year 2013
Length 5'
Brunel Tunnel Shaft (London)
October 2014

Available on iTunes

Animation by Raquel Felgueiras