Premiered by the Villiers Quartet, 'Jetez!' was sketched whilst I was attending the Etchings Festival composition course in the small French village of Auvillar last summer. Positioned on the edge of a high cliff, a particularly impressive part of Auvillar was the panoramic viewpoint overlooking the Garonne river valley below. One afternoon, whilst looking out at this sweeping landscape, initial ideas for this piece began to form after seeing a couple of locals amusing themselves by throwing stones and various projectiles off the edge; hence the French title ‘Jetez!’.

The image of an object being suddenly propelled into the air, arching through the sky, then disappearing into the gaping valley below, led to the following key ideas in this piece; dramatic crescendi into a sudden drop out of the bass (pulling the carpet from under the feet), leaving downward glissandi, briefly suspended in mid air before spiralling downwards. On a more general level, the highly energetic and carefree character of this piece, as well as the rapid exchange of lines and gestures between parts, were also inspired by this image of launching over the edge and throwing caution to the wind.

I worked with talented animator,
Natalie Hobbs, to produce a new version for my group ANIMA to perform live:
Animation by Natalie Hobbs

String Quartet
Commissioned by Villiers Quartet
Year 2012
Length 5'
- Villiers Quartet
St. Andrew's Church (London)
April 2012

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