Short drama starring Keeley Hawes, Marcus Brigstocke and John Nettles, reimagining the story of Noah for modern times...

After mishearing a pair of fishermen (John Nettles and Brian Bovell) talking about the superior flood barriers in The Netherlands, Noah devises an escape plan to ‘Never Land’. The only person who takes an interest in his plan is Katie (Emmy Marriott), Noah’s wild-hearted next-door neighbour. Noah's parents (Marcus Brigstocke and Keeley Hawes) think his compulsion to turn off taps is foolish, but even they can't deny the growing storms that are threatening their little fishing village...

Written and directed by Anna Hoghton
Produced by
Robyn Forsythe (Union Pictures)
DOP Iona Firouzabadi
Edited by Vera Simmonds
Year 2016
Length 13'
Official Selection for Chicago International Children's Film Festival and Aesthetica Film Festival