PrEP is a drug that experts believe could end the HIV and AIDS epidemic. But in 2016 the NHS, after 18 months of consultation, made the controversial decision that they could not fund it. This is the incredible story of the battle for PrEP on the NHS - a legal fight which saw doctors, activists and AIDS charities come together to overturn the NHS decision.

At the heart of the story is one man, Greg Owen, who, despite being homeless, helped stop thousands becoming HIV positive by setting up a website which allowed people to buy generic PrEP from drug manufacturers in India. On the 70th anniversary of the NHS, the film explores the hugely complex decisions facing a cash-strapped, beleaguered health service in one of the most difficult periods in its history.

How are decisions about what and what not to fund made? What is the NHS for, and what should it be in 2018?

Directed by Mark Henderson and Graham Taylor
Produced by
Pulse Films and BBC Two
Year 2018
Length 60'
Broadcast on BBC2, 27th June 2018